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  • Electrosurgical Pencils Electrosurgical Pencils
    Electrosurgical Pencils with the industry standard 3 pin connector plus models for older smaller electrosurgical units in both re-usable and disposable versions
  • Electrosurgical Return Pads Electrosurgical Return Pads
    Major brand electrosurgical return pads or electrosurgical grounding pads
  • Electrosurgical Accessories Electrosurgical Accessories
    Electrosurgical accessories unique or specialty cords and adapters to fit most units and most applications
  • Cautery Electrodes Cautery Electrodes
    Electrodes for the Bovie High and Low Temperature Battery Operated Cauteries
  • Laparoscopic Electrodes Laparoscopic Electrodes
    Laparoscopic electrodes are used in minimally invasive procedures performed in outpatient facilities, surgery centers and operating rooms.
  • Bovie Resistick II Electrodes Bovie Resistick II Electrodes
    Resistick II™ coated blade, ball and needle electrodes are expertly coated with PTFE (polytetra?uoroethylene) to resist exchar build-up for faster cleaner procedures
  • Electrosurgical Electrodes Electrosurgical Electrodes
    Electrosurgical electrodes disposable and reusable, coated or specialty-dermal, Tungsten and more, major brands for most electrosurgical pencils
  • Suction Coagulator Suction Coagulator
    Electrosurgical suction coagulators from Bovie Medical. Featuring three different diameters, flexible shaft and hand or foot activation, these suction coagulators allow suction with or without simultaneous coagulation. These single use devices are individually packaged sterile, ten per shelf pack
  • Electrosurgical Bipolar Forceps Electrosurgical Bipolar Forceps
    Electrosurgical reusable forceps available in micro (.5mm), 1.0mm, and 2.0 mm tip size and in lengths ranging from 3.5 inches to 8 inches.
  • ENT Bipolar Coagulation Electrodes ENT Bipolar Coagulation Electrodes
    Surgical sinus instruments, coagulation electrodes, for use with Valleylab and Bovie electrosurgical systems
  • Bovie Cautery Bovie Cautery
    Bovie manufactures more cauteries than anyone in the world. Therefore, Bovie has the ability to put the right cautery in the physician’s hand regardless of the procedure.
  • Microdissection Needles Microdissection Needles
    A wide variety of fine tip and microdissection needles from leading manufacturers
  • Office Based Electrosurgery Office Based Electrosurgery
    Office based electrosurgical systems for physician in office procedures.

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