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Global Medical Solutions, LLC - Category Index
Anesthesia Supplies
     Anesthesia & Oxygen Masks
     Anesthesia Stethoscopes
     Nerve Locators
Disaster Preparation
Electrosurgical Supplies
     Bovie Cautery
     Bovie Resistick II Electrodes
     Cautery Electrodes
     Electrosurgical Accessories
     Electrosurgical Bipolar Forceps
     Electrosurgical Electrodes
     Electrosurgical Pencils
     Electrosurgical Return Pads
     ENT Bipolar Coagulation Electrodes
     Laparoscopic Electrodes
     Suction Coagulator
Hospital Supplies
Medical Equipment
     Biomedical Adapters Couplings and Fittings
     C-arm Tables
     Electrosurgical Units
     EMS Gear
          Disposable Laparoscopic Instruments
     IV Poles and Accessories
     Medical Oxygen
          Portable Oxygen
     Medical Scales
     Microscopes & Accessories
     OR Table Accessories
     Patient Monitoring
     Suction Pumps
          Portable Suction Pumps
          Suction Canister
          Surgical Aspirators
          Yankauer and Suction Tubes
     Suction Regulator
     Surgical Lights
          LED Exam Lights
          LED Surgical Lights
     Temperature Regulation
Medical Furniture
     Step Stools
Medical Monitoring
     Aneroid Gauges | Blood Pressure Cuffs
     ECG Supplies
     Pulse Oximeters
     Vital Signs Monitors
Medical Supplies
     Adult Diapers
     Apparel and Bags
     Aspirator Accessories
     Chart Paper
     Clean Room Supplies
          Headgear and Chin Straps
     Defibrillator Pads
     ECG Electrodes
          Cloth ECG Electrodes
          Foam ECG Electrode
          Holter ECG Electrodes
          Pediatric ECG Electrodes
          Radiolucent ECG Electrodes
          Resting ECG Patient Monitoring Electrodes
          Solid Gel ECG Electrodes
          Stress ECG Electrodes
          Tab ECG Electrodes
          Tape ECG Electrodes
          Wet Gel ECG Electrodes
     Emergency Portable Oxygen
     EMS Equipment
     Exam Room Accessories
          Exam Gloves
     Hand sanitizer
     Home Medical Supplies
     Needles and Syringes
     Oxygen Therapy Supplies
          Oxygen Tubing
     Personal Care
     Sharps Containers
          Chemotherapy Sharps Collectors
          Large Volume Sharps Container
          Phlebotomy Sharps Containers
          Transportable Sharps Container
     Skin Care
     Stretcher Pads
          Foam Stretcher Pads
     Urological | Catheter Supplies
Surgical Instruments and Supplies
     Autoclave | Sterilization
     Skin Markers
     Suction Tubes
     Surgery Table Positioner
          Anesthesia Positioners
          Arm and Elbow Positioners
          Bariatric Positioners
          Bean Bag Positioners
          Flat Bottom Positioner Rolls
          Foam Positioners
          Foot Heel and Knee Positioners
          Gel Table Positioners
          Head Positioners
          Neonatal Positioner
          Pediatric Positioners
          Shoulder Positioner
     Surgical Accessories
     Surgical Disinfectants
     Surgical Drapes
     Surgical Gloves
     Surgical Gowns | Scrubs
     Surgical Instruments
          Disposable Surgical Instruments
          Left Handed Surgical Instruments
               Biopsy Punches
               Cervical Dilators
               Needle Extenders
               Uterine Dilators
               Vaginal Speculums
          Surgical Instrument Sets
          Surgical Scissors
               Bozeman Forceps
               Dressing Forceps
               Iris Scissors
               Mayo Scissors
               Operating Room Scissors
               Russian Pattern Forceps
     Surgical Lights
     Surgical Masks
     Surgical Procedure Trays
     Surgical Suction
     Surgical Sutures
     Surgical Table Accessories
     Surgical Tape
     X-ray Detectable Supplies
Wound Care Supplies
          Compression Bandages
          Elastic Bandages
          Abdominal Pads
          Border Gauze
          Gauze Sponges
          Packing Strips
     Instrument Trays
     Irrigation Solution
     Non Adherent Dressings
     Scar Dressing
     Skin adhesives
     Wound Cleanser
     Wound Closures
     Wound Drains
     Wound Measurement