Global Medical Solutions was started over 10 years ago to provide medical organizations and customers access to a wide range of high quality medical items at a great price.  While we strive to keep costs low, we are dedicated to first class customer service.

Prior to starting Global Medical Solutions I worked in a variety of positions throughout healthcare, including a licensed long-term care administrator.  As we grow we have added several key members to the team that also have medical experience in order to deepen our product knowledge and ability to support customers in new product areas.

We represent hundreds of manufacturers and continuously expand our product selection.  Our goal is to make your buying experience convenient, affordable, and fast.  Our flexible return policy ensures you are satisfied with your order and we are always happy to assist with any product or order matters.

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to working with you.

At this time the medical supplies industry is facing major challenges.  Most of our existing suppliers are being pressed by large buyers such as the government and large hospital groups for these PPE products.  The result is less is available in the market place which in turn is driving costs up.  Additionally shipping is taking longer and more shipments are being lost.  I can only assume it is because of the needed precautions and personnel limitations placed on warehouse staff and drivers.  In summary the supply available has shrunk and shipping has challenges.

We turn products on when there is inventory or an expected shipment and off when the inventory goes low.  Further we honestly share with you what we know in terms of availability and expected shipments.  We are doing our best to serve your needs through these chaotic times.   

Bill Gustafson
Global Medical Solutions