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Summit Doppler L500VA Vista AVS
Summit Doppler L500VA Vista AVS

Summit Doppler L500VA Vista AVS

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Vista AVS
Part Number: L500VA

Summit Doppler L500VA Vista AVS

  • Obtains two pressures at each ankle site (PT and DP)
  • Automated segmental studies to customize the exam
  • Automatic ABI, TBI and segmental calculation
  • Automatic cuff inflation and deflation system
  • Graphic waveform display with step-by-step instructions
  • Performs the Seated ABI on mobility impaired patients
  • Bi-Directional Doppler probe (8 MHz) with 4 blood pressure cuffs
  • PVR waveform modality & PPG probe to obtain toe and limb pressures
  • Software for full-page reporting, exam storage and interface with EMR (PDF, CSV or DICOM file formats)
  • Cuff Selector Available (K290) - Cuff selector will allow up to 10 cuff attachments for your single level and segmental exams.
  • Ships in 2 boxes:
  • 1.) 16 lbs. with dimensions of 16 x 12 x 12 and 2.) 13 lbs. with dimensions of 34 x 22 x 7
  • Full 1-year product warranty

Summit Doppler Systems offers a full-featured ABI/vascular system for the diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease (P.A.D.) that is fast, efficient and meets reimbursement criteria. The

Vista AVS has 3 modalities for obtaining systolic pressures and ankle waveforms. Either a bi-directional Doppler probe or pulse volume recording (PVR) can be used to obtain ankle waveforms required for reimbursement.

The system includes a total of 9 pressure cuffs. A graphic waveform display provides step-by-step exam instructions. Automatic cuff inflation and deflation, along with automatic indices calculation, expedite the process of performing exams. PC download software is included for interface with various EMR systems. The Vista AVS accommodates both standard and custom protocols.


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