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Sterrad Cassette 100NX 10144 Case of 2
ASP Sterrad Cassette 100NX id 10144

Sterrad Cassette 100NX 10144 Case of 2

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J&J ASP 10144 Sterrad Cassette Case of 2
Part Number: JJASP10144

Sterrad 100NX Cassette by JJ 5 Cycle 2 Per case 10144

Through its four business platforms, ASP (J&J) supports healthcare facilities in the fight to protect patients against three primary sources of HAIs: medical devices, the environment and human contact. Our solutions include Terminal Sterilization, High-Level Disinfection and others.

  • • ASP's proprietary technology utilizes low-temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma for terminal sterilization of medical devices
  • • Easily loaded cassette format that delivers a predefined quantity of hydrogen peroxide per cycle to achieve sterilization both conveniently and effectively
  • • Each STERRAD sterilant cassette is a closed system and sealed for the operator's safety
  • • ASP's uniquely bar-coded STERRAD System cassettes can be transported via ground or air shipment
  • • Each STERRAD sterilant cassette is individually wrapped with an external leak monitor to detect any leakage during transportation
  • • 5 Cycles per cassette
  • • Sold in a case of 2 cassettes
  • • Made by: Johnson & Johnson ASP Division
  • • Manufacturer's Product Number: 10144

*Please note the manufacturer only provides a stock image for this product group. The product appearance may be different. The specific product details are listed in the description.

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