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  4. Schiller 9.075000CS Cardiovit AT-102 Plus Resting Exercise ECG Monitor
Schiller 9.075000CS Cardiovit AT-102 Plus Resting Exercise ECG Monitor
Schiller AT-102 Resting and Exercise ECG Monitor with LAN connectivity Interpretation Memory

Schiller 9.075000CS Cardiovit AT-102 Plus Resting Exercise ECG Monitor

Your Price: $5,995.00
AT-102 ECG w/Interp, Memory, 350 Resting ECG, Wired LAN, Spirometry
Part Number: 9.075000CS

Schiller AT-102 Plus Resting and Exercise ECG Monitor with LAN Connectivity Interpretation Spirometry Memory 350 Resting ECG

CARDIOVIT AT-102  Plus with Wired LAN, 350 resting ECG, spirometry and Modem

The CARDIOVIT AT-102 Plus has it all! The most important cardiopulmonary function tests are combined in one single device:

  • Resting ECG
  • Exercise ECG


  • Intuitive, easy use with direct function keys
  • 12-channel Resting ECG
  • Measurements
  • Serial data transfer to PC for storage of Resting ECG recordings
  • A4-formatted (8.5 x 11 inches) printouts on internal or external printer
  • Filter Technology
  • Full-page 8.5"x11" printout with built-in ECG waveform display and VGA output port
  • Upgradeable to PFT and Stress 
  • Three (3) Year Limited Warranty
  • Includes Wired LAN and Modem

Included Accessories:
-10 Lead Patient Cable 
-10 Snap Clip Electrode Adapters 
-500 Disposable Electrodes 
-One (1) pack of paper 
-Power Cable
-Operating Manual
-Interpretation Guide
-SP-250 Flow Sensor
-2 Nose clips
-Pack of 10 Disposable Flow Tubes

ECG Interpretation
SCHILLER ECG Measurement and Interpretation Software for Children and Adult ECGs
Computerized ECG measurement values greatly help the physician in her/his daily work: it saves time and the results are more accurate and consistent compared to manual calculation. SCHILLER developed its own programs. That allows us to update and improve our software and to make updates available for the physicians at any time after purchasing an equipment. The program passed extensive checking and, among others, the CSE diagnostic database. SCHILLER personnel is member of advisory ECG interpretation councils. The computerized ECG interpretation is designed to assist the physician but never replaces her/his decision.The physician has to consider all other relevant information of the patient.

With the SCHILLER ECG interpretation program, one of the best-documented existing algorithms, you have at your disposal a broad range of diagnostic information with regard to rhythm, electrical axis, QRS morphology changes, QRS blocks, hypertrophy characteristics, ST or T changes, myocardial infarction characteristics etc. With an analysis time of less than 5 seconds, the SCHILLER ECG interpretation software ranks among the fastest and most accurate programs on the market!
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