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Oxygen Constant Flow Selector Valve 2-15lpm L233
Allied Healthcare Oxygen Constant Flow Selector Valve L233

Oxygen Constant Flow Selector Valve 2-15lpm L233

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2-15 lpm Oxygen Constant Selector Flow Valve with DISS Outlet L233
Part Number: L233
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Allied Healthcare Oxygen Constant Flow Selector Valve 2-15 lpm DISS Outlet L233

Allied's Life Support Products line has long been recognized as a leader in its field, offering a variety of specialized equipment for emergency and trauma care to fire departments, ambulance companies, and emergency medical services volunteer organizations throughout the U.S. and worldwide. LSP portable resuscitation products provide fast, simple and effective means of ventilating a non-breathing patient during cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The LSP AutoVent automatic transport ventilator, the first ventilator designed expressly for the EMS professional, is designed to perform in typical emergency situations as well as during more sophisticated air and ground transport. The LSP Minilator and Multilator are capable of providing oxygen to a large number of patients at the same time during mass casualty incidents.

  • • Constant Flow Selector Valve with oxygen DISS outlet, 2, 4, 6, 10 & 15 lpm
  • • Designed for use with hospital and/or portable oxygen systems where a metered supply of oxygen is required.
  • • The LSP selector valves have five distinct flow rate settings
  • • These highly accurate selector valves offer repeatable flow rates regardless of orientation or visibility
  • • The unit has 1/8" NPT thread to allow attachments of Schrader, Ohio Medical, Hansen or NCG disconnects
  • • Constant flow selector valves lock into place with each selected liter flow setting
  • • All knobs are clearly marked and are accurately adjustable, even in low light situations
  • • The polycarbonate selector knob is virtually unbreakable and designed to withstand rugged abuse
  • • Lightweight aluminum and a low-profile design make these valves ideal for emergency medical applications
  • • Inlet Pressure: 50 psig nominal
  • • Operating Temperature: -30° F to 125° F
  • • Storage Temperature: -40° F to 160° F
  • • Flow Rates: 2, 4, 6, 10 and 15 lpm (all flow rate settings accurate within ±10 per cent)
  • • Filter: 25 micron stainless steel mesh screen
  • • Inlet Port: 1/8" NPT female
  • • Outlet Fittings: L233 & L233-050: Barbed-type fitting which can be removed for access to a standard male oxygen DISS-type fitting
  • • Material: Body - anodized aluminum, Knob - polycarbonate
  • • For a barb outlet see L233-020
  • • For a higher volume see the L233-050 for 25 lpm
  • • ISO 13485: 2003
  • • Made by: Allied Healthcare
  • • Manufacturer's Product Number: L233

*Please note the manufacturer only provides a stock or catalog image for this product group. The product appearance may be different. The specific product details are listed in the description.

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