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MI-1000 LED Surgical Light
MI-1000 LED Surgical Light

Medical Illumination MI-1000 LED Single Ceiling OR Light with 7 Hour Backup XLD-SCB

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MI-1000 LED Surgical Light-Single Ceiling with 7 Hour Backup XLD-SCB
Part Number: BM-XLD-SCB

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Medical Illumination MI-1000 LED Single Ceiling Surgical Light with 7 Hour Battery Backup XLD-SCB

Medical Illumination was founded in 1978. All of our products are made in California. Since the beginning, our sole focus has been to provide the medical field with the best-engineered, highest quality and most cost-effective surgery and procedure lights. For that reason, our expertise is recognized and respected by physicians, surgeons, and others within the medical field.

• The MI 1000 light is part of the cutting-edge MI LED SERIES by Medical Illumination International
• Includes a 7 Hour Battery Backup System
• The MI 1000 light emits extremely low heat and operates much cooler than traditional halogen lights
• The MI 1000 light is very bright and the output rated at 65,000 lux (6,000 foot candles) at 4,300 degrees Kelvin color temperature
• The MI 1000 light is very efficient and uses significantly less electricity than standard halogen lights thereby reducing operating costs
• Long-life LEDs are rated at 50,000 hrs and are extremely reliable
• Available in a variety of mounting options and extension kits to fit virtually every facility (wall mount, portable, single and dual ceiling mounts, and ceiling track mounting)
• Five-stage dimming and on/off switch controlled from sterilizable handle
• No replacement bulbs or fuses necessary with these LED lights resulting in significantly lower overall maintenance costs
The MI 1000 comes with a Ceiling Rod suitable for installations in room with ceiling heights up to 9 feet 8 inches. Installed ceiling heights above 9 feet 8 inches require an optional extended Ceiling Rod-see drop down for details
• Universal voltage: 100-240 VAC
• Lighting equipment (excluding replacement parts) has a three (3) year limited warranty, excludes all bulbs and LEDs
• Made by: Medical Illumination
• Manufacturer's Product Number: XLD-SCB

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