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Mastisol Liquid Skin Adhesive 2 oz Bottle

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Mastisol Liquid Skin Adhesive 2 oz Bottle
Part Number: FRN-0523-06

Mastisol Liquid Skin Adhesive 2 oz Bottle

  • • Designed to be a liquid adhesive to increase the adhesion to secure dressings, tapes and certain medical devices over an extended period of time
  • • Ingredients: Gum Mastic, Strax, Alcohol(SD-23) and Methyl Salicylate
  • • 2 oz Bottle
  • • Used in the following hospital and surgery areas: Operating Room, Emergency Room, ICU, Hematology, Oncology Respiratory Therapy, Pediatrics, Wound Ostomy, IV Therapy, Sleep Lab (hold leads) and anywhere increased adhesion enables healthcare professionals to best perform their procedure
  • • Not water soluble-holds securely on diaphoretic patients
  • • Long lasting-reduces unplanned bandage and dressing changes
  • • More adhesion than Benzoin
  • • Will not stain skin
  • • Compatible with CHG (chlorhexidine gluconate) on skin
  • • Not intended to close skin
  • • Designed for use on intact skin to hold dressings, bandages and certain medical devices
  • • Can ONLY be sold to USA Customers

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