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Allied Healthcare Vacutron Continuous-Intermittent Suction Regulator 22-15-1508
Allied Healthcare Constant Intermittent Vacutron Suction Regulator

Allied Healthcare Vacutron Continuous-Intermittent Suction Regulator 22-15-1508

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Vacutron 0 - 150 Mmhg, 0 - 300 Mmhg Regulator, Suction Continuous Intermittent Chemtron Backfitting W/Filter to Barb 22-15-1508
Part Number: 22-15-1508

Allied Healthcare 0 - 150 Mmhg 0 - 300 Mmhg Vacutron Suction Regulator Continuous-Intermittent Flow 22-15-1508

Allied's medical gas vacuum and suction equipment includes vacuum regulators by Chemetron®, Oxequip® and Timeter® which measure, regulate, monitor and help transfer medical gases and vacuum from in-wall piping to equipment and/or patients throughout the medical facility. The Chemetron Vacutron® line of suction regulators provides worry-free performance and advanced technology in precision vacuum control. Allied offers the widest range of suction regulators on the market today.

  • The continuous/Intermittent suction regulator has been designed to support a variety of procedures requiring constant or intermittent suction. Constant suction is used primarily to maintain a patient’s
    airway, while intermittent suction is used for drainage procedures.
  • Dual safety relief valves limit the maximum vacuum level on both constant and intermittent modes in the event of regulator failure or inaccuracy
  • Superior regulation mechanism ensures stable vacuum settings even with fluctuations in source vacuum
  • Backfitting:Chemetron
  • Outlet: Bacteria filter to barb stem
  • Operating Modes: OFF, Regulated and Intermittent
  • Black knob
  • Regulated Vacuum Range: 0-300 mm Hg
  • Safety Relief Valves: 1 @ 320 mm Hg
  • Vacuum Gauge Scale: 0-300 mm Hg in 5 mm Hg increments 0-40 kPa in 2 kPa increments
  • Dimensions: 6.8" H x 2.65" W x 4.07" D (174 mm x 67 mm x 104 mm)
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs. (0.59 kg)
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Manufacturer: Allied Healthcare Vacutron
  • Product part number: 22-15-1508

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